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Who we are


As long as we know history shows that “doing business” is one of the oldest professions. The opportunities have changed over centuries but the principle remained the same. Generating profits and search for win-win situations.

Business was done around the corner. With the invention of the wheel chariots were build and business extended to other villages. Products travelled from village to village to cover the country, the continent to finally find its place in the world markets.

Logistic Solutions made it all possible!

The company was founded in 1996 and was specialized in the logistics and transportation of livestock. During the years the company has changed from owner and continuously expanded its activity in the field of transportation and logistics services. The most recent change took place during the crisis of 2009 where specialized services were requested to reply to the crisis. Consolidation and groupage took a stronger place then full loads from A to B.

A flexible low cost bonded warehouse with the necessary excise licenses was created to handle a large variety of goods.


Location = Meer, Belgium considered to be the international crossroad connecting East, West, North and South Europe in road traffic. Positioned exactly in the centre between two major world seaports Antwerpen and Rotterdam connecting all destinations worldwide with minimum delays.

The mild Belgium climate allows us to handle temperature sensitive goods.

Logistic advantages

The warehouses are custom bonded with excise licenses. Our in-house customs department processes all your necessary documentation.

The Meer Free-zone guarantees that your warehousing and consolidation costs are amongst the cheapest in Europe in first class facilities.

“Just in Time Deliveries” for consolidated shipments is the key to economize on your costs increasing your market position and profitability.

All characteristics makes us especially interesting for all your incoming and outgoing Logistics.

VAS (Value Added Services) are made available in our facilities if some minor transformations to your shipments are requested.

  • Label applications
  • Repacking
  • Assembling packages